We are a research group based at Trent University in Peterborough, working on research projects and initiatives in communities across Canada. Collectively we represent diverse academic backgrounds, including social sciences, natural and health sciences, and the humanities. We situate our research at the intersection of social and ecological relationships, and we seek to work with and learn from communities around these issues. 


Theme 1

Understanding critical aspects of Arctic species ecology using both Indigenous Knowledges and scientific methods

    • i.e. Understanding marine mammal habitat and feeding ecology in Nunavik
    • i.e. Exploring the relationship between environmental change and Arctic char growth

Theme 2

Knowledge interaction and integration for policy development and decision making

    • i.e. Processes of knowledge interaction
    • i.e. Indigenous knowledge involvement in policy and decision support

Theme 3

Health and environment communication and knowledge translation

    • i.e. Contaminant risk communication and evaluation
    • i.e. Knowledge tracking and transformation


Theme 4

Health and environment interactions and relationships

    • i.e. Sea ice safety
    • i.e. Food security
    • i.e. Indigenous perspectives on health